The main component of the annular BOP (Figure 19) is a high tensile strength, circular rubber packing unit. The rubber is moulded around a series of metal ribs. The packing unit can be compressed inwards against drillpipe by a piston, operated by hydraulic power.

annular type bops

The advantage of such a well control device is that the packing element will close off around any size or shape of pipe. An annular preventer will also allow pipe to be stripped in (run into the well whilst containing annulus pressure) and out and rotated, although its service life is much reduced by these operations. The rubber packing element should be frequently inspected for wear and is easily replaced.

The annular preventer provides an effective pressure seal (2000 or 5000 psi) and is usually the first BOP to be used when closing in a well (Figure 19). The closing mechanism is described in Figure 20.

annular type bops closing mechanism

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