The water which is used to make up the cement slurry is known as the mixwater. The amount of mixwater used to make up the cement slurry is shown in Table 2.  These amounts are based on :
• The need to have a slurry that is easily pumped.
• The need to hydrate all of the cement powder so that a high quality hardened cement is produced.
• The need to ensure that all of the free water is used to hydrate the cement powder and that no free water is present in the hardened cement.

The amount of mixwater that is used to make up the cement slurry is carefully controlled. If too much mixwater is used the cement will not set into a strong, impermeable cement barrier. If not enough mixwater is used :
• The slurry density and viscosity will increase.
• The pumpability will decrease
• Less volume of slurry will be obtained from each sack of cement

The quantities of mixwater quoted in Table 2 are average values for the different classes of cement. Sometimes the amount of mixwater used will be changed to meet the specific temperature and pressure conditions which will be experienced during the cement job.

table 2

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