Liners are run on drillpipe with special tools which allow the liner to be run, set and cemented all in one trip (Figure 12). The liner hanger is installed at the top of the liner. The hanger has wedge slips which can be set against the inside of the previous string. The slips can be set mechanically (rotating the drillpipe) or hydraulically (differential pressure). A liner packer may be used at the top of the liner to seal off the annulus after the liner has been cemented. The basic liner running procedure is as follows:

(a)    Run the liner on drillpipe to the required depth;
(b)    Set the liner hanger;
(c)    Circulate drilling fluid to clean out the liner;
(d)    Back off (disconnect) the liner hanger setting tool;
(e)    Pump down and displace the cement;
(f)    Set the liner packer;
(g)    Pick up the setting tool, reverse circulate to clean out cement and pull out of hole.

casing liner

Institute of Petroleum Engineering, Heriot-Watt University

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