Ram type preventers (Figure 22) derive their name from the twin ram elements which make up their closing mechanism. Three types of ram preventers are available:

1. Blind rams – which completely close off the wellbore when there is no pipe in the hole.
2. Pipe rams – which seal off around a specific size of pipe thus sealing of the annulus. In 1980 variable rams were made available by manufacturers. These rams will close and seal on a range of drillpipe sizes.
3. Shear rams which are the same as blind rams except that they can cut through drillpipe for emergency shut-in but should only be used as a last resort. A set of pipe rams may be installed below the shear rams to support the severed drillstring.

ram element

The sealing elements are again constructed in a high tensile strength rubber and are designed to withstand very high pressures. The elements shown in Figure 21 are easily replaced and the overall construction is shown in Figure 22. Pipe ram elements must be changed to fit around the particular size of pipe in the hole. To reduce the size of a BOP stack two rams can be fitted inside a single body. The weight of the drillstring can be suspended from the closed pipe rams if necessary.

ram preventer

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